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Toe Sox

 More than three years ago I couldn't get out of bed some days, do to a messed up back. I was real scared. A friend told me that I should try Pilates. I was willing to try anything...drugs didn't really help and I didn't want to become dependant on medication. I made an appt. for a private session and I started noticing changes within a short time. I did semi private sessions with Kyla and I'd found my teacher. With her gentle and knowing way she carefully worked me to the point were I could join group classes and then to mat classes. Now, I've graduated from beginner classes to intermediate mat classes. I'm the most fit I've been in my adult life and I've lost 70 lbs. not all due to Pilates but definitely a big part of my weigh loss success. 

- Joanne Seaman

NEW for APRIL!!! Alive Mindful Healing Massage

Alive Mindful Healing Massage is a type of quiet Healing Massage that includes both breath awareness exercises and body scanning for muscle tension during the treatment session.  The addition of these two mindful awareness activities, during the healing massage,  will provide you with two mindful self-regulation tools that you can use in daily practice.  In addition, a mindful intention or quote will be read to start each session and the sound of a singing bowl may be used to gently direct your awareness inward. 

You will be given the option of adding an essential scent to the neutral massage oil,  you will be provided a heated electric blanket to ensure warmth and relaxation and you will have the option of an eye cover to use during the session. Gentle music, candles, blankets and bolsters will be used as needed during each treatment session to complete the Alive Mindful Healing Massage experience.  Lastly, juice or water will be provided post-Alive Mindful Healing Massage in order for you to re-hydrate, re-cooperate and rejoice in your own health and healing.  

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