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Toe Sox

As a private student, I found Kyla to have an excellent eye for body alignment and individual differences - she can see what each person needs and fine tunes her instruction so that her students get the most out of each exercise and every class. Her instruction is outstanding. My classes with Kyla were excellent value and a high point in my week! 

- Kathy Elliot

New Pilates Practitioner & NEW class times added!!

WELCOME Jen Trusz!!!

We are so excited to have Jen join our studio! Newly certified through Pilates Process and loving it.  Jen comes from a background of human kinetics, coaching, personal athletics and instructing Ashtanga Yoga.  After taking some Pilates classes she was struck by the controlled and yet fluid movement.  She appreciated the specificity to the individual.  After many sports injuries and 3 kids, Pilates is assisting in regaining her core stability, postural awareness and the love of movement.  Jen has a thirst for knowledge as she continues to hone her skills in Pilates and in learning other forms of movement, so she may help others realize pain free movement, increased strength and how to avoid injuries.   Below are some of the NEW class times that have been added to the schedule.

Jen has also been involved in coaching young kids in high performance sports and sees the need for increased stability work along with injury prevention.  So, she has also added sports specific kids Pilates class on Wednesday evening.  We are grateful to have you on our team, Jen!!

NEW Group Classes added:

Wednesday 5:15PM &  6:15PM (KIDS SPORTS Pilates)

Thursday  9:15AM &  10:15AM

Saturday  9:15AM