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Toe Sox

I had private Pilates sessions with Kyla using the reformer, cadillac, barrel and chair for over two years.  She brings an extensive knowledge of anatomy and attention to detail to her teaching as well as enthusiasm and a friendly encouraging attitude.  With Kyla's help, I was able to resolve long-standing postural issues which had caused intermittent pain over the years and come to a new level of fitness and awareness of my body.  I recommend Kyla highly as a Pilates trainer.  

- Monica Leask

kyla's blog

10 drop in classes starting July 1st!  That mini getaway for mind, body & spirit...& possibly a minute away from the kids;)

If you are new to our studio please call 250-863-8108 or write to register for online bookings.

Otherwise Book Online!


APRIL 17th at The Harvest Golf Club

10:30am Gazebo Room 

Are you frustrated with your progress?  Does the perfect swing elude you?

Join IMPOWER and Sean Richardson in our 2 hour intensive combing Performance Neurology with the best golfing technique in the Okanagan.

$99 BOOK NOW!  (Only 8 spots with 2 instructors & golf pro for specialized and personal instruction)


March 13th @ 10:30am

$45    BOOK NOW!
(Only 8 spots with 2 instructors for specialized and personal instruction)

For PHYSIOTHERAPY contact Jessica Deglau at

No PILATES August 27-Sept 7th. Please leave a message at or 250-863-8108

It's time to go technology free and hang with my girl!  

PINOT & PILATES 3rd Annual

July 16th @ 730PM
St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery

Physiotherapy is coming to Complete Core Pilates July 15th! Meet Jessica Deglau! We are SO excited to have her join our team. Being an incredible athlete (2 time Olympian-YES, I said Olympian!!) adds a dimension of care and understanding of the body like no other.

Want to keep fit through the summer but can't commit to regular sessions. Call NOW!  $179 for 10 drop in combo classes. 

Aleena is back and raring to go after Spring Break!

Breathing Essentials and Techniques

Sunday Feb 15th @ 10:30am


Expand your understanding of how mind, body and breath are connected to increase mental clarity, mood regulation, core strength and decrease stress levels.  And learn how to increase your enduarnce just by breathing!

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