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Toe Sox

A good friend recommended Kyla about three years ago.  Within months of starting private classes with Kyla I was absolutely hooked!   I loved the way my body was starting to look and most of all feel - long, lean muscles, improved posture and a new sense of physical confidence which inspired me to eat more healthily and lose over thirty five pounds.  Two years ago, at the age of 53,  I made a complete lifestyle change and gave up my position as a Bank Manager and did my Pilates certification and am now teaching Pilates full time.  I have met many people in the Pilates field since first working with Kyla but she still stands out as the most inspirational, knowledgeable, compassionate and fun teacher I have ever worked with. 

- Ann Asquith


Combo (Reformer & Mat):  Group classes are perfect for students with some Pilates experience who enjoy the energy of a group setting. Group classes are comprised of no more than 4 students with similar fitness levels and schedule. These classes are designed for students who have had some private classes.  These are combination classes with Mat and Reformers.

Springboard/Combo:  Springboards are a wall unit that uses resistance springs for all the exercises.  It can be assistive or resistive!  The class is designed for a maximum of 6 students.  You get variety and movement between using the Springboards and body weight exercises on the Mat.

Pilates with a Physio: Clinical Pilates sessions are private 55 minute sessions with a physiotherapist.  These sessions involve a combination of conventional physiotherapy and pilates based active rehabilitation.  Pilates is an excellent way to help rehabilitate injuries; correct muscle imbalance; strengthen; and improve movement patterns and posture.  Clinical Pilates sessions are designed to meet the needs of the individual client.

Physiotherapy:  The sessions can be 30, 45 or 60 min sessions with conventional Physiotherapy. The time is allotted for one individual, which allows some great hands on manual therapy.  Jessica Deglau is our resident physiotherapist. 

Pilates Bootcamp/Jump:  The Jump board provides an excellent and non-weight bearing method to increase heart rate and burn some serious calories. The class is made up of different movement combinations that not only challenge you physically but really make you think.  The same mind body connection is applied in this class but the tempo is much quicker and your coordination ability is put to the test. A Jump Board Pilates session will ensure not only an increased heart rate but also full body strengthening of the abdominals, legs, arms, and gluteus. 

Ski conditioning:  Pilates Circuit but specific to the butt & legs with added bodyweight exercises!  The burn you get first time out skiing will be extinguished with this sport specific routine.  This class is designed for a maximum of 8 students. The class can be more challenging and always changing. You move through stations based on time per station.   ou get variety and movement!

Private – One on One:  Private sessions are perfect for beginners, clients with injuries or special conditions, or those who prefer the privacy of a one on one session. Each lesson is tailored to your individual needs and goals with time spent on the pilates equipment and mat. There is no prerequisite for private sessions.

Semi– Two people:  Semi private sessions are intended for those students who want to begin their pilates training with a friend or family member. Semi- private sessions are best suited for clients with similar fitness levels and fitness goals. This is a great solution for clients who would like to workout together and is less expensive than a private lesson. There is no prerequisite for a Semi private session.

Core & a Cork:  Host your own Pilates class! Wanting a night out with your friends or staff? Our studio is yours! We provide your choice of class, the instructor, wine and dark chocolate.