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Toe Sox

As a private student, I found Kyla to have an excellent eye for body alignment and individual differences - she can see what each person needs and fine tunes her instruction so that her students get the most out of each exercise and every class. Her instruction is outstanding. My classes with Kyla were excellent value and a high point in my week! 

- Kathy Elliot

What is Pilates

Pilates is a method of physical and mental conditioning that uses specialized equipment to condition the entire body. Pilates trains for enhanced strength, flexibility, balance, posture and coordination, and is suitable for a wide range of people regardless of age or condition. It was developed by Joseph H. Pilates.  His study of yoga and the martial arts, and his work with physicians and his wife Clara (a nurse), led to the development of his conditioning system. More than 80 years later, his techniques are being enjoyed around the world. Anatomical and biomechanical research has a also now been put behind the astounding benefits of of this movement system prompting acceptance by the medical profession. Many therapists are now incorporating the Pilates approach into clients programs. Pilates is often called the “thinking people’s exercise”. Its main goal is to awaken your body awareness from the inside out and strengthen your core muscles. The body is then able to learn effective and balanced movement patterns and in turn improving postural alignment, longevity and physical strength.


What is Pilates at Complete Core Pilates®?

Our goal at Complete Core Pilates® Studio is to help you “Look, Feel, and Perform” better. During your first session we will discuss your health and wellness goals, your medical history and conduct a postural assessment with a short run through the Pilates equipment and movement basics. During the next month we will evaluate and discuss with you which of our services suits your goals and needs.